Written by Spiros E. Habakis.

Back in 1931 when my father Evangelos (Vangelis) Habakis at age 19, born in Kiffissia, a suburb of Athens, Greece, opened his office for plumbing and central heating installations in Omonia Square in Athens, probably would not have thought that after more than 90 years later Vangelis Habakis, his grandson, would be in charge of a company related to buildings and installations. This has happened however, and we arrived here we are today, following our course through the decades, as you will read below.

Circa 1950 my father, in parallel with the plumbing and central heating installations in state and in private sector projects, for a few years he was running a retail store for plumbing and sanitary ware in Zirinio area in his home town Kiffissia, along with my mother Marina.

In mid '50s, the "E. Habakis Technical Office" was founded. The construction of block of buildings in Athens and in the surrounding area was the business we were involved at that time and for many years later.

In 1979 we started our business in distributing architectural hardware, which is our main job today. Since early ΄90s my wife Mary and I, who eventually we were at the helm of the company, we had accomplished to establish a very trusty name as distributors and wholesalers within a nationwide network of retail hardware and ironmongery stores, which we had built and were supporting successfully.

Our expertise at the time in importing and wholesaling throughout Greece locks, padlocks, door closers and architectural hardware in general of the globally leading vendor Yale was at such a high level, that many people in the local market identified us as some kind of Yale in Greece. Close collaborators, who in one way or another contributed to our work in the network we had created, was Costas Pantelides in northern Greece in the late 80's, Alekos Kontos at our headquarters in the same period, George Serimis shortly afterwards and Panos Spyratos, who worked with us from 1994 to 2011.

As early as in 1983, we dealt with personal computers and programming for the automation of our activities. Initially with a tiny Sinclair ZX81 without screen, and immediately after with an Epson QX-10 and dBase II, we went on to the magic world of Personal Computing. Our involvement with Information Technology made us very early to realize the looming expansion and integration in security systems, mainly in locks for hotel use. So we were among the first who were looking for relevant sources, in order to enter and expand in this promising new field then in the '90s. We managed to dominate in this particular segment of the Greek hotel industry market in cooperation with the big name of that era in this field, which was TESA.

We were exclusive distributors of TESA electronic locks up to 2002, when the production stopped in TESA's factories. The following years we worked with the newly established firm Onity which was the successor of TESA Entry Systems, and finally now we are in collaboration with the top manufacturer of the kind, the Italian firm CISA, for distributing its modern electronic locks for the hospitality industry and not only.

Developments in Information Technology, wireless communication between devices and Internet capabilities (IoT) lead to new type of equipment. We adapt accordingly, and we are always able to offer state of the art solutions to our customers .

The brand name "Habakis" is now a registered trademark, symbolizing the trust of hundreds of entrepreneurs mainly within the hospitality industry, who honorary prefer us as their suppliers. Vangelis Habakis Jr. born in 1981, with degrees in Computer Science & Engineering and in Information Technology Management, with extensive experience in our companies in administration, sales and technical support, continues the efforts to maintain our customer's trust. He gets help from worthy partners in all sub-sectors, and especially he is supported by our entire family.

The journey goes on.